Flat Rock Ranch
the perfect agritourism match

a family owned cattle ranch + mountain biking trails =
sharing our private ranch with you!


A little about us…

Flat Rock Ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country about 45 miles Northwest of San Antonio. The ranch consists of 1,300 rugged acres that have been in our family for over 100 years. It is part of the original ranch founded by English architect Alfred Giles in the 1880's. In fact, we still raise Black Angus cattle and Angora goats.

Currently we have 29 miles of existing single track with some double track. The trails lead through typical hill country terrain, with spectacular views, hill climbs, long downhill sections, technical single track, and several creek crossings.

good to know!

  • Flat Rock Ranch closes for hunting season.

  • Last day to ride is usually the last weekend of October. Exact date will be announced through social media. When we re-open January 1st, our hours of operations will be from sunrise to sunset.

  • Please call in advance to schedule night riding.  


The Dreiss fAmily, along with other extended family, live and work at Flat Rock Ranch!

Jimmy Dreiss retired after 35 years as the Business Development Manager for the local telephone company and is now the Business Development Manager for Flat Rock Ranch. He loves mountain biking (of course) but is also fascinated by cave exploration. His favorite things about FRR are the trails, which he built and maintains, especially at the hill tops.

For newcomers to FRR, Jimmy suggests riding the Green Loop and paying attention to the numbered direction signs - that way he can find you if you have any problems out on the trail.

Terri Dreiss, married to Jimmy, is a retired Occupational Therapist. Terri's role at FRR includes meeting and greeting the visiting bike riders, providing information about the trails, as well as answering emails and calls. She enjoys traveling, playing with her dogs, trips to Port Aransas and the grand kids. Terri loves the beautiful sunsets at FRR as well as taking walks and enjoying the peace and quiet.

For those unsure about riding the trails, Terri suggests getting off the bike and walking it first, then ride. Also make sure to snap a photo of the FRR phone number before you head out, just in case you need help while out on the trail.

Hannah Dreiss, Jimmy's daughter, former Architectural Designer, current Eco-Folk Artist, resides part-time at the ranch with her husband Nemo, in their camper-van. Hannah helps out at FRR on busy weekends, answering questions about the trails, camping and facilities. She also maintains the website and helps with social media. Hannah loves the expansiveness and solitude of FRR as well as the landscape and wild edibles.

Hannah's recommendation to beginner mountain bikers at FRR is to understand that the parking area and shed are centrally located. If you get lost, try following a gravel road back "down" to the main entrance. Also, use the buddy system!

Learn more about the artist at hannahandnemo.com.

Nemo, married to Hannah, is also an Eco-Folk Artist. You might encounter Nemo helping at the front gate during races, locating lost or injured riders and providing gentle reminders to wear a helmet. His favorite things about the ranch are the wild animals such as deer, skunk, fox, mountain lion and chupacabra.

Nemo's advice to those unfamiliar with FRR is to remember that the goats and cattle are more afraid of you than you are of them. Also, if you must fall, aim for a rock, instead of a cactus.

Learn more about the artist at hannahandnemo.com.


Although we DO NOT allow dogs at FRR, this is our home, so you may occasionally meet our dogs who live in the yard!

  • Bruiser Chihuahua mix who loves riding in trucks and will do anything for a treat. Sweet puppy dog eyes!

  • Babe (pronounced bay-bee) Pure bred Chihuahua who loves sitting on his futon and barking. The little boss!

  • Bridgitt Pure bred German Shepherd who enjoys running and learning new tricks. Guardian of the yard!

More at Flat Rock Ranch

FRR ranch cows, sheep & goats managed by:
Hillingdon Ranch
 (founded by famous architect Alfred Giles in the 1880's)

Resident Artists:
Hannah & Nemo's Aluminum Can Eco-Folk Art

Socks made from FRR/HIL wool:
Krazy Goat Socks