Experience the best mountain biking in texas at the home of the first Texas style enduro trails - Flat Rock Ranch, Comfort, TX.

Cross country.
single track.
gravel flow.
texas style enduro.


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Any question you’ve ever had about Mountain Biking at Flat Rock Ranch is likely answered on this site. Please take some time to read through everything - we think you will learn a lot!

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Important details

helmets at all times

Remember - helmets must be worn at all times when you are on your bike at Flat Rock Ranch. Whether peddling around the parking area, or headed to the porta-potties, get your helmet on your head!


free wednesday night ride

Please join us every Wednesday for a free night ride! We meet under the shed at 6:30 pm - wheels down at 6:45 pm. Bring lights and something to grill/drink after the ride. We may occasionally cancel due to weather, so please check our social media accounts for updates prior to coming out. Other than Wednesday nights, if you want to night ride, there must be at least 3 in your group and you must notify us first.

no dogs / no hiking

As tempting as it sounds to bring your dog to Flat Rock Ranch, we do not allow them for various reasons related to their safety and the safety of others. Also, our trails are designed for mountain biking and trail running only - we do not allow hiking.


comfort pizza

Comfort Pizza is a popular place to get pizza and beers when visiting the town of Comfort. Because their sourdough is made from scratch and takes several days to rise, they recommend that you call in advance to “reserve” your dough. If you don’t reserve your dough, they may run out on a busy day. Comfort Pizza

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