Flat Rock ranch Rules


RAnch RUles

  • Waiver of Liability must be signed before any ranch activity.

  • ANSI, SNELL, or ASTM approved helmet must be worn at all times when on bike.

  • Watch for loose live stock. Follow posted instructions at gates.

  • NO dogs allowed.

  • Trash - if you pack it in pack it out.

  • Fires are permitted in the camping area only, as long as conditions are safe to do so. Check Burn Ban Status. Gathering of fire wood is encouraged.

  • No hunting.

  • No hiking.

  • No fishing.

  • No swimming.

  • No smoking along trails.

  • Keep bikes on designated trails.

  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles allowed on any trails or pasture roads. Motorized vehicles will be allowed if unable to contact us and emergency is medical or injury related.

  • No less than three riders when night riding. Call in advance if you plan to night ride.

  • At least one person in your camping group must have a bike or running shoes and plan to ride or run.

  • Do not leave children under 18 unattended.

Good to Know!

  • FRR is a privately owned working cattle ranch, we are not a state/county park.

  • There are residents of FRR in various houses throughout the ranch, please mind their privacy.

  • We love dogs, and even have them here at the ranch, however, we kindly ask that you do not bring your dog to FRR as we are concerned for their well being and do not want them to become lost or hurt.

  • Helmets are not optional at FRR.

  • Everyone who visits FRR must both sign the liability waiver and pay the land use fee, even if you don't plan to ride.

  • We welcome trail runners, but remember, we are a mountain biking ranch, first and foremost. All trail users must yield to mountain bikers.

  • This is a MOUNTAIN BIKING ranch, which makes an exception for Trail Running, but does not allow Hiking.