Flat Rock Ranch pay dirt


2020 Work Day Schedule

To Be Announced


how pay dirt works

Workdays will start at 9 a.m. We plan to work for approximately 4 hours; we do have most of the required tools, but you can bring your own. We plan to do trail maintenance where the little rocks have grown back during riding season. If enough volunteers show up we may build a berm or two. We are planning a few reroutes to improve trail flow. We'll provide lunch afterward, and ride the trail later.

Remember if you work, you ride free the workday. Work at least 5 hours and ride free till the TMBRA cross country race. Work at least 10 hours for a free Daily Annual Pass. Work at least 15 hours for a free Annual Family Pass.


other pay dirt info

You may assign significant other to perform your race volunteer work, call for details. You must log in your hours. We have primitive camping with hot-water showers for those who are coming from far-off.

Check www.tmbra.org, www.stormmtb.org and www.bikemojo.com for other dates, directions, and information. Arrangements can be made in advance for working on dates other than the posted Pay Dirt dates.