Flat Rock Ranch
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Brenda Gonzalez
Mountain Biker

"The best mountain biking in the Texas Hill Country! Only 45 or so minutes from San Antonio. There is something for everyone no matter what skill level from Single-track to Enduro.

Beautiful views and the camping are phenomenal. Hot showers and the fire pit are just icing on the cake. Grilling and hanging out with all your buddies as well as making new friends is what this sport is all about.


Jimmy and Terri, the owners, will join the fun and get to know everyone. It’s a very friendly and family like atmosphere. The trails are well maintained, and new lines or features are being added or updated periodically to keep you coming back for more.

You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a weekend of camping and mountain biking at Flat Rock Ranch. Thank you to Jimmy, Terri, and the Dreiss family for sharing your bit of heaven in the Texas Hill Country with all of us!"

Brian Allen-Aguilar
Woodworker and Trailrunner

"I do all my trail run training at Flat Rock Ranch and I love it. Over 29 miles of unique trail. I can run for 3 hours and still not cover all the miles. When you add loops and shortcuts the combinations are endless.


Every time I go I have a variety of routes to choose from and all the terrain is technical and rolling which is excellent for the races I run across the country. I'm grateful to have Flat Rock available for public use."

Great trails with something for everyone, novice to experienced rider. Trails built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.
— Doug Patrick, Mountain Biker

Jeff Jordan
President, South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers (STORM)

"Flat Rock Ranch has been ranked as the #1 Best Mountain Bike Trail in Texas by Singletracks members (singletracks.com) for good reason. Located on the Dreiss family ranch in the Texas Hill Country, Flat Rock Ranch has over 28 miles of awesome singletrack trails and Enduro lines. The views are breathtaking and the trails are a combination of technical and flowy with a good combination of climbing and descending.


The owners, Jimmy and Terri Dreiss, continue to improve the trail system every year by constantly maintaining trails, adding new trails, and adding some great Enduro lines. The exceptional quality of the trails is not lost on race promoters. At least four XC mountain bike, Enduro, and trail running race events are held at Flat Rock Ranch every year. Amenities include tent camping, RV hookups, hot showers, pavilion, and fire pit.

In addition to all of the work the Dreiss family puts into Flat Rock Ranch, they have been avid supporters of the South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers (STORM)(stormmtb.org), the regional nonprofit mountain biking and trail advocacy organization since it was founded in 1993. STORM hosts both a XC MTB Marathon race and XC MTB race in the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA) series at Flat Rock Ranch every year. The XC MTB race has been held there for over 20 years. All-in-all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better mountain biking experience."

Brie Smith
Photographer/ Trail Runner
Brie’s Instagram

"My boyfriend and I have been running at Flat Rock Ranch weekly for 3 years! I have ran countless hours and have reached many personal goals running the FR trails. I have used these trials to train for many out of state mountain and canyon runs.


There are so many routes with different degrees of difficulty that always challenge me. Flat Rock is my personal heaven! I seriously don't know what I would do without Flat Rock Ranch in my life!"

Steve Barish
Amateur Mountain Biker. Professional Layabout. Storyteller Extraordinairre!

"I’ve been coming to Flat Rock Ranch since I started mountain biking, in my 40s, and it has become one of my absolute favorite places to ride. I love it so much that I organize group rides there several times a year, including the annual Closing Day and New Year’s Day rides. It’s not uncommon to see 20-30 riders, or even more join those rides, and then hang out to socialize and grill some restorative protein after...with the occasional “medicinal beverage.”


From the first moment you roll up to Flat Rock Ranch, you can tell it’s going to be a special place. It offers all the scenic beauty of the Texas Hill Country: rugged, rocky hills covered in native grasses, oaks, and mesquite; beautiful pastures that fill with wildflowers in the spring...and the creek that flows along the bottom of the valley where you’ll start your ride. It is quite literally breathtaking.

Jimmy Dreiss and his family have created a magnificent venue for mountain biking, perhaps the very best in Texas. 34 miles or more of XC trails will lead riders of all levels up (and up...and up...and up!) some challenging climbs. Believe me, when you make it to the highest point on the Ranch, the crest of Pipeline Hill, you’re going to be amazed we even have climbs like that in Texas! But the vistas are totally worth it, and even if they weren’t, the descents are epic! Long meandering traverses that dive into chunky ledges and drops, and then into switchbacks to do it over and over again. If you like to pedal and earn those extended long downhills, it’s a magical place. Everything is well marked, and the trails are superbly maintained.

For those with a bit more thirst for adrenaline, there are a series of more aggressive enduro lines that comprise the annual Zombie Goat Enduro that are rideable year round. These branch off or are tucked away near the main trails, and are also clearly marked. Many are accessible right off the gravel roads that criss cross the Ranch for those who have legs of steel and just want the shortest path to the fun. Speed, Mad Bomber, Goat, Black Sheep, Cowabunga, All The Way Down, Pucker...the names say it all! This is the real deal when you want max speed, big air, huge drops, and tons of fun!

But there’s something for everyone at Flat Rock Ranch, including novice riders or those who just want an easy pedal around the Hill Country. Jimmy has built the Green Loop that meanders around the other XC trails and links to a number of the Enduro runs that cuts out most of the really brutal climbing, leaving about a 10 mile loop that you can use as a warmup, or as a way of getting to the fun stuff.

After the ride, I always head to the fire pit for a beer, maybe a bite of whatever I bring (or one of the other riders brings) that we cook on the grill, and social time with Jimmy and Terri and whoever else is there. There are also restrooms, a bike wash, and showers on site. You can ...rent a cabin or an RV,... park your own, or camp out for an additional fee. It is quite literally amazing!

The best part about Flat Rock Ranch (other than the spectacular riding) is getting to spend time with Jimmy. He’s a mountain biker who loves the sport, and it shows. That’s why the Ranch is so wonderful - it’s built with love for the sport, for the trails, for the riders, and love of the land. That’s a rare and special thing, and if you get a chance, you really ought to go experience it!"

Jesse Salas
"The Godfather" (name given to me, not by choice, I said call me Grandfather.)
Jesse’s Facebook

"I was a late comer to Flat Rock, little did I know what I was missing. It's a mtb playland. I personally love the downhill enduro lines, Speed, Mad Bomber II, Black Sheep and now all the new ones. I made it my mission to bring joy to as many people as I could, by taking groups there and showing them the beauty of the ranch.


I have not been able to go this year due to illness, but the new riders that I introduced to the ranch are still having fun there. I love seeing their pics and videos. The ranch gets better every year with Jimmy adding new lines.

If you haven't been you need to check it out - great place for all typed of riders. XC, Enduro, etc. And it's E-bike friendly [for disabled riders], perfect for an E with all the climbs. Thank you for giving us this special place to enjoy."



Voted Most Popular Mountain Bike Trail in TX several years running



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